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The State of Employee Engagement in 2019

Find out how your engagement levels & strategies match up against your peers

About the Report:

In partnership with HR Research Institute, Hyphen surveyed over 500 HR professionals to better understand their organizations’ employee engagement levels and what they’re doing to improve it.


The report details 7 key takeaways to boost employee engagement.

Download The State of Employee Engagement in 2019

What Drives Engagement?

80% of respondents say engagement is highly linked to trust in leadership and supervisors.

But the majority of respondents mentioned 6 other contributing factors, as detailed within the report – along with much more.

Our report will help you overcome engagement challenges by providing research-backed answers to questions like:
How does engagement impact financial performance?
How does HR successfully respond to engagement metrics data?
What drives engagement?
How can HR and management inspire “above and beyond” employee effort?
How does HR measure engagement?