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Hyphen Helps Mott Improve Engagement and Culture Across a Diverse Workforce

A Hyphen Client Success Story

Mott Objective
Increasing Employee Engagement & Enhancing Culture

Mott set out to improve communications across their organization. Focused on Mott leadership’s desire to “care deeply” for their workforce, they sought a solution to improve employee engagement and provide robust analysis capabilities to identify and act on opportunities to enhance their workplace culture.

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Mott Needs
What Mott Needed From A Feedback Solution
Mobile and desktop surveys
Survey questions for various aspects of org.
Pulse polls capabilities
In-depth follow-up surveys to examine pain points
Enable employees to voice opinions and ideas
Competitive pricing
Mott Results
learn how Hyphen delivered these results and more

Feedback has already improved operations, safety, and security.

98% participation rate on manager feedback survey; a 10-20% increase.

Empowered leadership to recognize trends, act on insights, and measure impact.

Identified and addressed group-specific engagement, satisfaction or sentiment issues and opportunities.

Created “Virtual Suggestion Box” for leadership